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Zuri Health Wins Sankalp Africa Awards 2022

The Sankalp Africa Awards 2022 were held at the recent Sankalp Africa Summit held from 1st to 4th March 2022, and health-tech startup Zuri Health were announced as the winners. The first runners up were Ecodudu and the second runners up were Mobility for Africa. Zuri Health is a healthcare startup that was launched in January 2021in Nairobi, Kenya. Providing affordable and accessible healthcare solutions is at the heart of the company. So far, the healthcare company has managed to onboard over 250 doctors, has over 350000 SMS subscribers and has presence in 7 countries: Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa and Zambia.
"Founded in February 2020, our journey started with a vision. A vision for quality, affordable and on-demand healthcare for all with a simple swipe. We are creating an all-inclusive service that caters for all individuals with a mobile device, regardless of their location, health history and social status," Daisy Isiaho, Co-Founder of Zuri Health states. 
Considering that smartphone adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa is currently at 40% of total mobile phone owners, Zuri Health added extra functionality that would include the rest of the 60% that do not own smartphones or have internet access, ensuring that no one is left out. According to the Sankalp Africa Forum website, the 2022 Edition of Sankalp Africa Awards was looking for 'social entrepreneurs who are mainstreaming impact, are making a positive impact on society, gaining hands-on experience and networking with a global community.' Ikechukwu Anoke, CEO and Founder of Zuri Health, said,
"On behalf of Zuri Health, I would like to thank everyone involved in making us the Sankalp Africa Summit 2022 Award winners.  

Our goal is to democratize healthcare in Africa, to make basic primary healthcare accessible and affordable for all, through the means that are easiest for you, and awards like this remind us that we are on the right path and that our work means something to you too. 

The Sankalp Africa Awards celebrate outstanding social entrepreneurs that show innovation and to be placed on the same stage as other winners is any founder’s dream.

We value your support, we treasure your understanding, and we appreciate your patience. But most of all, we are so grateful to you for making us winners. We owe this one to you, and Glory be to God."

Zuri Health Launches Women’s Wellness Packages in Kenya and Nigeria

Zuri Health, who strongly believe in the right to access in healthcare for all, are sending an encouraging message this Women's Day and aiding more women in getting regular wellness checks, starting with the Basic, Standard and Comprehensive Wellness packages. The packages can be booked at and the tests can be done in the comfort of the customer's home in Nairobi - Kenya, and in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. In Kenya, payment via insurance is also accepted. The packages are:



The Wellness Packages are meant for the woman who wants to take charge of her life, who wants a simple check for peace of mind, the working woman, the "big girls", the mother who hasn't been for a checkup in a long time, for the well-rounded woman who has it all except the information on her health.  They are meant for every woman. Wellness checks are very important in detecting any health issues that may arise and get treatment in time, or to detect ones that are existing and recommend treatment options going forward.

Zuri Health CEO’s Letter to Investors for 2021

Dear Valued Investors,

A happy 2022 to you all and I wish you a great year ahead!

It has been a significant month at Zuri as we just celebrated one year since launching. We kicked it off with a team strategy meeting and in-depth analysis of our product to plan out the coming months.

Our Achievements

Here is a review of our 2021 operations and I will highlight a few of our milestones:

  • Crossed 300k subscribers on SMS

  • Set up testing partnerships in 8 countries

  • 5000+ app downloads

  • Over 45,000 patient-doctor interactions on SMS

  • 15+ Telco partnerships

  • 22 staff member strong

  • 3 awards

  • Live in 7 countries

  • Joined Founders Factory Africa

Our 2022 Focus

Our 2021 was very impactful and growth-encouraging and our plans are to double this growth by over 200 percent in 2022, as we are focused on building our team with better systems that will enable us to achieve these goals.

We have identified areas where we would need to fine-tune in other to meet our 2022 goals:

  • Our technology operations

  • Our speed of execution

  • Our processes and system

  • Our onboarding of new talent

  • Our fundraising strategy

  • Our storytelling

I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank you for your kind corporation, to apologize if we did not meet any of your expectations or give feedback on time, but I do encourage you to keep investing in us in the future as well.

I look forward to meeting each one of you at your earliest convenience to discuss our 2022 plans in detail.

Kind regards,

Ikechukwu Anoke Let's talk: Founder - Zuri Health

Zuri Health Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary!

Launched in January 2021, Zuri Health is a mobile app that helps patients to access and book certified healthcare services on-demand based on availability, location and specialization of the provider, aiming to provide affordable and accessible healthcare solutions via mobile with dedicated apps, WAP and SMS services easily and quickly in the palm of patients’ hands. We enable doctors and health institutions to sign up and provide services through the platform, increasing their visibility, patient base and their income.  The app is currently available in Kenya, Senegal, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia.  Over the past year, we have grown with the following notable achievements:
  1. Live in 7 countries
  2. A community of over 250 doctors 
  3. Over 9 major pharmacies are available to access
  4. Over 18 labs on the platform 
  5. Over 5000 mobile app downloads
  6. Over 400,000 SMS subscribers 
  7. Over 1500 lab bookings
  8. Partnered with over 15 telcos for USSD service integration
  9. Over 4000 WhatsApp bot interactions.
After these milestones, Zuri Health co-founders Ikechukwu Anoke and Daisy Isiaho are both excited about the year ahead for the company.   “It has been heartwarming to see us grow in such a small period of time. We will ensure that we continue to provide quality healthcare access in Africa in more countries in 2022”, said Ikechukwu. Daisy added, “We will work even harder to ensure that Zuri Health is even more seamless and easy to use for both our application and SMS subscribers.” For the next year ahead, our team plans to increase the SMS user base to over 1,000,000 people. We also expect to launch in several more countries including Ghana, Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire, Mozambique, Angola and Senegal. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Press Release: Zuri Health hosts first free medical camp at Kawangware

  • 978 took part in the check-up camp and received treatment.
On 11th December 2021, Zuri Health conducted its first free medical health camp in collaboration with CheckUps Medical Hub, Health & Wellness Solutions, Nairobi Metropolitan Health Department at Free Pentecostal Fellowship in Kenya Church (FPFK) located in Kawangware. The aim of hosting the free medical camp was to provide medical attention to the less privileged and to raise awareness about the importance of regular checkups in detecting and curbing chronic ailments early. It was also aimed at providing accessible and affordable healthcare to the common mwananchi who cannot afford quality healthcare services.  The camp included free general medical consultation, Blood pressure monitoring and management, Blood sugar monitoring and management, Body Mass Index measurement, Urinalysis test and community health education and sensitization. The Medical camp was organized in association with CheckUps Medical Clinic with Kenya’s first ultramodern mobile clinic fully equipped with X-rays, lab and diagnostics, HWS mobilized doctors, clinical officers, and nurses, and the Nairobi Metropolitan Health Department for provision of the necessary permits and medical prescriptions. The total number of patients attended to during the health camp was 978 including men, women and children across all ages receiving much needed free, quality health care from our qualified medical personnel. The 16-member team included doctors, nurses, clinical officers, and lab technicians who handled various issues of health for the locals. A free physical examination along with free blood sugar and blood pressure tests were provided.  The team identified 67% of the patients had underlying issues such as high blood sugar, blood pressure issues they were unaware of, and 49% of the patients were referred to specialized care for better monitoring.  “As part of our promise in delivering quality and affordable healthcare to all populations regardless of social strata, Zuri Health is strategizing on a nationwide campaign to serve a larger number of people in need of assistance of a similar nature”, said Ikechukwu Anoke, Co-founder, and CEO Zuri Health. End. Media Contact: About Zuri Health Zuri Health is a mobile app that helps patients to access and book certified healthcare services on-demand based on availability, location and specialization of the provider, aiming to provide affordable and accessible healthcare solutions via mobile with dedicated apps, wap and SMS services easily and quickly in the palm of patients’ hands. Zuri Health mobile service allows patients to book appointments instantly simply by logging in through mobile devices. Time slots and availability are also indicated, saving time and resources. Download the app at

Zuri Health goes live in Senegal in partnership with Expresso Senegal

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Expresso Senegal as Zuri Health Launches in Senegal! Expresso Senegal, a subsidiary of the Expresso Telecom group is a telecommunication operator in Senegal that offers services adapted to the internet, calls, and SMS with the 4G technology and business and roaming solutions. Our partnership is aimed at revolutionizing e-health in Senegal and Africa at large. We see the application of mobile technologies in the healthcare industry as a way to provide high-quality and easily accessible medical care at a lower cost. “It is with great satisfaction that Expresso Senegal and Zuri Health are launching together with the health app under the name Zuri Health. This is a major innovation in the Senegalese healthcare ecosystem, allowing our company to once again contribute to the solution of the challenges the population faces in accessing a first-resort physician for guidance and referrals.” Says Radi Almamoun, Acting CEO at Expresso Senegal. This partnership will give us the ability to provide value across the entire chain by merging technology and healthcare. An Expresso subscriber in Senegal simply sends a keyword to 28008 to subscribe to the service and begins to chat and consult with a doctor via SMS. The patients will get real-time and reliable responses from certified doctors, affordable healthcare and secure and protected private health information. The majority of users in Senegal who may not have access to internet-enabled devices or smartphones will now have the opportunity to receive first-level medical consultations from qualified medical professionals through the SMS platform. "We are very excited to be working with Expresso Senegal as our Telco partner in Senegal. At Zuri Health, we have taken into cognizance Africa's unique challenges and offered medical consultation via SMS service to take care of the over 65% of the population without access to smartphones or the internet. Patients are now able to consult with a doctor for as low as 30 CFA franc. Our commitment to offering quality, affordable and accessible healthcare is the key reason we have partnered with Expresso Senegal.”- noted Ikechukwu Arthur Anoke, Founder and C.E.O at Zuri Health.

Play Zuri Health Launches Its First mHealth App In Kenya

Play Zuri Health Limited, a branch of Play Communications Limited announced the launch of their first mobile app, Zuri Health; which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple Store as well as the Zuri Health website.  Zuri Health's mission is to provide certified, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions via mobile with dedicated apps, wap, and SMS services based on availability, location, and specialization of the medical providers.  Users will have access to a myriad of professionals and services from across their home counties. They are able to book appointments instantly with any medical professional or hospital within their geographic regions, book laboratory tests, chat with the practitioners via both message and video as an added feature, and request for home visits by the Licensed and Certified Medical Practitioners.  Under Pharmacy, users can get their prescription and over the counter medication online and have it delivered to their doorstep.  The SMS service functionality of Zuri Health has been designed to reach a wide range of individuals or users who may not have access to WAP or internet-enabled devices.  The app's code was written with the daily challenges patients face in the journey of seeking affordable and accessible healthcare solutions. We solve the problem of expensive and inconvenient hospital trips for small or minor diagnosis and prescriptions, long waiting times and queues during doctors’ visits and appointments scheduling and booking which can be tasking.  Through our mobile app, we also help doctors to tap into a wider market of on-demand patients and earn extra money while saving lives.  NYERI ROAD, KILELESHWA, KIRICHWA RIVER COURT, HSE NO. 1  P.O. BOX 103785-00101  +254 713 682930 “Zuri Health App is very personal to me. Millions of people in Africa do not have access to quality medical care. At Zuri Health we have taken time to develop a product that will fill that gap, giving doctors a wider and easier platform to reach patients who need them. With Zuri Health the underserved populace can now access affordable and sustainable healthcare.”Arthur Ikechukwu Anoke- C.E.O and Co-Founder Zuri Health  Daisy Isiaho Project Manager and Co-founder in an interview said, “In my view, there is an urgent need to drive more meaningful conversations in relation to frameworks around Telemedicine because in Africa very few countries have these yet its fundamental if we should achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”  Since the beta launch in November 2020, the company's predicted three-year growth plan is to have more than 20,000 registered doctors listed, 250,000 premium users, and at least 1,000,000 mobile downloads.  About Play Zuri Health  Play Zuri Health Limited is an m-health startup company that was founded on 12th February 2020. The company seeks to offer affordable and accessible healthcare solutions to disenfranchised individuals across Sub- Saharan Africa by tapping into a wealth of databases of specialists, pharmacies, and lab and diagnostics centers. To learn more about Zuri Health and find doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and labs, and diagnostic centers visit:  Media Contact 
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