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Zuri Health Launches Wellness Packages For Valentines

With the goal to encourage more men and women to be proactive and check their health status, we have launched amazing wellness packages to suit anyone's pocket in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria. There are 3 types being offered this February and are available for either men or women here: Why are these wellness checks important? 1. Catch a disease in its early stage - so you can treat it and even stop it from getting worse. It also enable you to have a medical history so in future a doctor can assess if there has been any changes that they need to diagnose further. 2. Find out of you have risk factors - sometimes you do not always see the disease or condition blow up, most times there are sik factors that show doctors what condition they may likely evolve into. Wellness checks help doctors to determine any risk factors you might have and help prevent any condition from occurring in future. 3. Protect yourself - wellness checks enable doctors to advise on what medication or lifestyle changes you need to take or make to improve your health. 4. Find a condition - you might have already developed a condition before the wellness 5. It's cheaper in the long run - catching a condition or risk factors earlier on will save you from spending a fortune in the future if a disease advances to the next stage and more serious medical procedures or medication are required. The greatest advantage of our wellness packages is that we come to you wherever you are so you do not need to move around with your probably busy schedules, and you can pay via a preferred means. To book a package for yourself or someone you love, go to

Zuri Health CEO’s Letter to Investors for 2021

Dear Valued Investors,

A happy 2022 to you all and I wish you a great year ahead!

It has been a significant month at Zuri as we just celebrated one year since launching. We kicked it off with a team strategy meeting and in-depth analysis of our product to plan out the coming months.

Our Achievements

Here is a review of our 2021 operations and I will highlight a few of our milestones:

  • Crossed 300k subscribers on SMS

  • Set up testing partnerships in 8 countries

  • 5000+ app downloads

  • Over 45,000 patient-doctor interactions on SMS

  • 15+ Telco partnerships

  • 22 staff member strong

  • 3 awards

  • Live in 7 countries

  • Joined Founders Factory Africa

Our 2022 Focus

Our 2021 was very impactful and growth-encouraging and our plans are to double this growth by over 200 percent in 2022, as we are focused on building our team with better systems that will enable us to achieve these goals.

We have identified areas where we would need to fine-tune in other to meet our 2022 goals:

  • Our technology operations

  • Our speed of execution

  • Our processes and system

  • Our onboarding of new talent

  • Our fundraising strategy

  • Our storytelling

I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank you for your kind corporation, to apologize if we did not meet any of your expectations or give feedback on time, but I do encourage you to keep investing in us in the future as well.

I look forward to meeting each one of you at your earliest convenience to discuss our 2022 plans in detail.

Kind regards,

Ikechukwu Anoke Let's talk: Founder - Zuri Health

Zuri Health 2.0: The new look of mHealth

CEO and Co-founder Ikechukwu officially launching Zuri 2.0 CEO and Co-founder Ikechukwu officially launching Zuri 2.0 Our Beautiful host and MC Atemi Our Beautiful host and MC Atemi Testimonial from a satisfied Zuri Pharmacist Testimonial from a satisfied Zuri Pharmacist Dr Moka weighing in on the growth of telemedicine Dr Moka weighing in on the growth of telemedicine Ikechukwu discussing the advantage of Zuri Health Ikechukwu discussing the advantage of Zuri Health CPO and Co-founder Daisy officially launching Safiri na Zuri CPO and Co-founder Daisy officially launching Safiri na Zuri CPO and Co-founder Daisy officially launching Safiri na Zuri Dr Annor- Frempong joining us from Ghana Dr Annor- Frempong joining us from Ghana Ms Inuoha Joining us from Nigeria Ms Inuoha Joining us from Nigeria On the 30th of July 2021 Play Zuri launched an upgraded version of its flagship mobile app, Zuri Health. Zuri Health 2.0 was unveiled with exciting new features and an over-hauled new look. Also launched was a new product under the Zuri Health banner tagged Safiri na Zuri. The new Zuri Health provides better connectivity and communication for our users. We have done this by having several dedicated apps for the different clientele we hope to work with. There are now dedicated patient and doctor apps that allow for seamless connectivity between patient and doctor for faster and effortless communication. Each app caters to the specific needs of the intended user. The Zuri Patient app allows patients to connect directly with our services. They can book appointments with doctors, order medication and lab tests, as well as speak to qualified doctors and specialists for a monthly or yearly subscription. Patients will be able to book telemed sessions, and receive prescriptions and lab orders over the app. Patients can also upload and give their doctors access to their medical records for faster and efficient service. The Zuri Doctor app caters to doctors in all the ways that matter from allowing them to set their own schedule to directly interacting with patient requests. Doctors can see requests for appointments in real-time and accept or decline based on their schedule. They can request and access patient records and history, send prescriptions, order lab tests, and set follow-up appointments over telemed or in person. We hope to launch several more apps catering to other clients such as pharmacies and labs in the near future. The launch of Safiri na Zuri is an initiative aimed at reducing the hassle of travelers during the pandemic. With countries having specific travel restrictions and requirements we created a product that benefits the traveler by eliminating the need to personally search for and book a COVID Test for travel while ensuring that the test also comes with a Trusted Traveler certificate needed for travel. This service can also be accessed for the return trip should the traveler be heading to several specific destinations such as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa with more to come. Travelers booking under Safiri Na Zuri are also given free access to Zuri healths Doctor-on-Duty for 30 days where they can consult with qualified doctors and specialists from anywhere in Africa. This product also allows us to partner with travel agencies, tour companies, and airlines, taking on the hassle of scheduling and booking such tests for their clients without them needing to worry about the logistics. Partners also receive a 20% commission from all tests done by their clients. For more information, press only: Jordan Edokpolo 0742820051 For more information on Product:

Play Zuri Health Launches Its First mHealth App In Kenya

Play Zuri Health Limited, a branch of Play Communications Limited announced the launch of their first mobile app, Zuri Health; which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple Store as well as the Zuri Health website.  Zuri Health's mission is to provide certified, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions via mobile with dedicated apps, wap, and SMS services based on availability, location, and specialization of the medical providers.  Users will have access to a myriad of professionals and services from across their home counties. They are able to book appointments instantly with any medical professional or hospital within their geographic regions, book laboratory tests, chat with the practitioners via both message and video as an added feature, and request for home visits by the Licensed and Certified Medical Practitioners.  Under Pharmacy, users can get their prescription and over the counter medication online and have it delivered to their doorstep.  The SMS service functionality of Zuri Health has been designed to reach a wide range of individuals or users who may not have access to WAP or internet-enabled devices.  The app's code was written with the daily challenges patients face in the journey of seeking affordable and accessible healthcare solutions. We solve the problem of expensive and inconvenient hospital trips for small or minor diagnosis and prescriptions, long waiting times and queues during doctors’ visits and appointments scheduling and booking which can be tasking.  Through our mobile app, we also help doctors to tap into a wider market of on-demand patients and earn extra money while saving lives.  NYERI ROAD, KILELESHWA, KIRICHWA RIVER COURT, HSE NO. 1  P.O. BOX 103785-00101  +254 713 682930 “Zuri Health App is very personal to me. Millions of people in Africa do not have access to quality medical care. At Zuri Health we have taken time to develop a product that will fill that gap, giving doctors a wider and easier platform to reach patients who need them. With Zuri Health the underserved populace can now access affordable and sustainable healthcare.”Arthur Ikechukwu Anoke- C.E.O and Co-Founder Zuri Health  Daisy Isiaho Project Manager and Co-founder in an interview said, “In my view, there is an urgent need to drive more meaningful conversations in relation to frameworks around Telemedicine because in Africa very few countries have these yet its fundamental if we should achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.”  Since the beta launch in November 2020, the company's predicted three-year growth plan is to have more than 20,000 registered doctors listed, 250,000 premium users, and at least 1,000,000 mobile downloads.  About Play Zuri Health  Play Zuri Health Limited is an m-health startup company that was founded on 12th February 2020. The company seeks to offer affordable and accessible healthcare solutions to disenfranchised individuals across Sub- Saharan Africa by tapping into a wealth of databases of specialists, pharmacies, and lab and diagnostics centers. To learn more about Zuri Health and find doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and labs, and diagnostic centers visit:  Media Contact 
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