Zuri Health Launches Wellness Packages For Valentines

With the goal to encourage more men and women to be proactive and check their health status, we have launched amazing wellness packages to suit anyone’s pocket in Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

There are 3 types being offered this February and are available for either men or women here:

Why are these wellness checks important?

1. Catch a disease in its early stage – so you can treat it and even stop it from getting worse. It also enable you to have a medical history so in future a doctor can assess if there has been any changes that they need to diagnose further.

2. Find out of you have risk factors Рsometimes you do not always see the disease or condition blow up, most times there are sik factors that show doctors what condition they may likely evolve into. Wellness checks help doctors to determine any risk factors you might have and help prevent any condition from occurring in future.

3. Protect yourself – wellness checks enable doctors to advise on what medication or lifestyle changes you need to take or make to improve your health.

4. Find a condition – you might have already developed a condition before the wellness

5. It’s cheaper in the long run – catching a condition or risk factors earlier on will save you from spending a fortune in the future if a disease advances to the next stage and more serious medical procedures or medication are required.

The greatest advantage of our wellness packages is that we come to you wherever you are so you do not need to move around with your probably busy schedules, and you can pay via a preferred means.

To book a package for yourself or someone you love, go to valentines.zuri.health.

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